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21 August 2017
Apply For Membership

Savings Membership

Savings in a Credit Union are known as “shares”. Each share represents £1.00 in savings and is used as security against a loan. Regular savings will build up a substantial share capital for you and security for the future.

Your savings earn dividends which are paid annually. The amount of your dividend will depend on.

The amount of shares you have saved (one share is equal to £1.00).

The surplus income available for distribution by your credit union to members.

Free life savings insurance is provided for all members who join before their 70th birthday. It currently pays £2000. Maximum number of shares that can be held is £20000.

Your savings are guaranteed under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The FSCS protect and guarantee your savings up to a maximum value of £75,000. Further information can be obtained from the credit union or visit

There are a number of ways you can put money into your Credit Union account:

  • Set up a Standing Order from your bank account
  • At the Credit Union using cash, cheque or a Debit card
  • By phone using a Debit card

*This service is not available for Credit cards

Minors Savings Account

This account is available to children from birth to age 16. It must be opened by a parent or legal guardian on behalf of the minor.

The parent or legal guardian can make withdrawals from the minor account if the child is less than 7 years old, after that age both minor and parent signatures are required. Withdrawals are restricted to two per year.

Annual interest is payable on the account.

Savings limited to a maximum of £5,000

At the age of 16 the minor account will be re-classified and will transfer to a “full” adult account, however the minor is required to attend a membership meeting before the adult account can be activated. Membership meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month. The minor should bring photographic identification and proof of address to the meeting.

The minor and their parent or legal guardian must bring the following identification when closing the minors account:

  • Parent/Legal Guardian – Photographic ID
  • Minor – Password/National Insurance Number/Medical Card


Each member’s account is unique and our loan officers will look at your savings record, income, other borrowings and overall ability to repay your loan when assessing your loan application.

There are a number of ways you can repay your loan:

  • Set up a Standing Order from your bank account
  • At the Credit Union using cash, cheque or a Debit card
  • By phone using a Debit card

*This service is not available for Credit cards

Clonard Credit Union Limited Common Bond

  • An applicant must be a member of the men’s or women’s Confraternity at Clonard Monastery, or an associate of Clonard Monastery.  You may also qualify if you live at the same address as a member of the men or women’s confraternity at Clonard Monastery.


  • A person under the age of 16 (known as a Minor) will qualify for full membership when they attain the age 16 years.  There is no special requirement/Bond to hold a Minor deposit account at Clonard Credit Union.


  • Geographical – An Applicant must have Residence or Work within the area bounded as listed below:                                      

Incorporating:  Belfast City Hospital and the Royal Group of Hospitals.  


A –Abercorn St. North/Walk ,Aberdeen St, Abingdon Drive ,Abyssinia St/Walk,Ainsworth Avenue/Drive/Parade/Pass/St, Albert St./Court/Terrace, Altigarron Court, Amcomri St., Annsboro St, Ardmoulin St./Avenue/Close/Place/Terrace, Argyle St./Court,  Ard Na Clowney Drive, Ard Na Va Road, Argyle St/Court, Arundel Court/Walk, Ashmore St./Place, Aughrim St., Azamor St.

B Bainsmore St, Balkan St./CourtBallygomartin Park/Road/Drive, Ballymurphy Rd/Pde/Cres/Drive, Bank St, Bantry St, Barrack St, Barrington Gardens, Battenberg St, Beechmount Avenue/ Close/Drive/ Gardens/Grove/Pass/Link/ Walk/Pde, Beechview Park, Beit St, Belair St, Belgravia Ave, Bellevue  St, Benares St, Benburb St, Benthem Drive, Berry St, Beverley St,Blackmoutain Green/Pde/Park/Place/Walk/Way, Blackwater Way, Blansmore Drive,Bleachgreen Terrace, Blondin St, Blythe St, Bombay St, Boundary St/Way, Boyd St,Boyne Bridge/Court,Bradbury Place, Bradys Lane, Braemor St, Brassey St, Bread St, Brighton St, Britannic Drive/Park/Terrace, Brittons Pde/Court/Drive, Broadway Court/Pde, Brookland St, Brookmount Gardens/St, Brown St/Square, Burnaby Court/Park/Place/Walk/Way.

C Cairn St/Caledon Sr/Court, Canmore St/Close/Court/Place, Carlow St, Carnmore Place, Castle St, Cavendish St/ Court/Square, Cawnpore Street/Way, Centurion St/Walk/Way, Ceylon St, Chapel Lane, Charles St South, Christian Place, City Walk/Way, Clementine Drive/Gardens/Park, Clonard Gardens/Heights/Place/Rise/St/Crescent/Court, Clonavogie Gdns, Clondara St/Pde, Clonfadden St/

Crescent, Clovelly St,Clowney St, Cluain Mor Avenue/Close/Drive/Lane/Park/Gdns, Colchester Park, Colinpark St, Colinview St, Colinward St, College St/Ave/Court/ Place/Square/Mews, North, East, Colligan St,  Combermere St, Coolfin St, Coolmore St, Conway Square/St/Place/Link/ Court/ Walk, Crocus St, Crosby St, Crossland St, Cuan Parade, Cullingtree Road/Fold, Cumberland St/ Walk, Cupar Street/Upper/Lower/Way.

D Dairy St, Daphne St, Daisyhill Court, David St ,Dayton St, Derby St, Dermott Hill Drive/ Gdns/   Green/Grove/Pde/Park/Road/Way, Devenish Court, Devonshire Close/Court/ St/Place/Way, Dhu-Varren Crescent/Drive/Parade/Park/Walk, Distillery St/Way/Court/Walk, Divis Court/St/Tower, Divismore Cres/Park/Way, Donegal Road No’s 440-546 & 421-589/Gdns/Pde/Ave/Donegal Road Lower, Dover Court/St/Place/Walk, Dundee St,Bunboyne Park,  Dunlewey St/Walk, Dunmore St, Dunluce Ave, Dunmoyle St, Dunville St, Durham St/Court.

EEarlscourt St, Ebor St/Drive, Egeria St, Egmont Gardens, Elswick St, Empire Parade/St, Eureka Drive, Euterpe St,Excise Walk.

F –  Falls Road to 595 & 524/Court, Fallswater Drive/St, Fane St, Felt St, Fifth St, Fingals Court, Finn Square, First St, Fisherwick Place, Flintview Walk, Forest St, Forfar St, Fort St/Way/Lane/Pde, Fortuna St, Fountain St/Lane, Francis St, Frenchpark St.

GGaffikin St, Galway St, Gardiner St/Place, Genoa St, Gibson St, Glenalina Cres/Gdns/Green/Pde/ Park/Pass/Road, Glenalpin St, Glengal St, Glenmackin St/Place, Glenwood Place/St, Gortfin St, Granville Place, Great Victoria St, Greenisland St, Gresham St, Grosvenor Road/Court, Grovetree North/South.

HHamil St ,Harrogate St, Hawthorn St, Haymarket , Highway Gate/Link/Side/Pass/Green, Highburn Gdns/Cres, Highcliff Gdns, Highdene Gdns, Highfern Gdns, Highpark Cres/Drive/Cross, Highvale Gdns, Highview Cres, Hope St, Hugo St, Hunter Park, Hurst Park, Hutchinson Street.

IInstitution Place, Iris Close/Drive/Grove/Mews/St/Walk/Court.Link, Irwell Street/Court, Isadore Ave, Islandbawn Drive/St, Irwell Court, IveaghDrive/Parade/Street/Cres, Iverna St/Close.

J- John Street, Jubilee Road, Jude Street.

KKashmir Road, Kendal St, Kenmare Park, Kensington St, Kilburn St (Lower), Killen St, Kilmore Close/Square, King St Mews, Kirk St, Kitchener St/Drive

L  Lady St, Ladymar Court/Grove/Park/Walk/Green, Lamberg St, Lanark Drive, Lanark Way, La Salle Drive/Gdns/Mews/Park, Lawnbrook Avenue/Drive/Square/Way, Lawnview St, Laws Court, Lawyer Gdns, Lecale St, Leeson St, Lemberg St, Leoville St, Lincoln Square/Place, Linden St, Linfield Avenue/Drive/Gardens/Parade/Road, Linview Court, Lisburn Road (City Bound to Bradbury Place),  Lisfadden Cres/Court/Drive/Place/Way, Lisvarna Heights/Place, Locan St, Louden St, Lucknow St, Lower Clonard St.

M Mable St/Court, Majestic Drive, Malcolmson St, Maldon St/Court, Malone Place, Maple Villa, March St, Marchioness Gardens/St/Green, Marquis Street, Matilda Drive/Gdns/Ave/Court, Maxwell Place/St, Mayo, Court/ Link/Pde/Park/ Place/St/Walk, Melbourne St, Meridi St, Merkland Place, Mica Drive/St, Milford Close/Place/Rise/St, Millennium Way, Millfield, Millhouse Rd, Milltown Lane, Milner St, Monarch Parade, Morpeth Street, Mount Alverno, Mount Cashel St, Mountjoy St, Mount Prospect Pk, Moyard Cres/Pde /Park, Mulhouse Rd, Murray St, McAdam Gdns/Park, McDonnell Court/St, McIvors Place, McQuillan Street.

N Nansen St, Nelson Court/Square, New Barnsley Cres/Drive/Gdns/Green/Grove/Pde/Park, Ninth St, North Howard Court/Link/St/Walk, North King St, Northland Court/St, Northumberland st, Norwood St.

O –  Oak Villa, Oakman St, Oban St, Odessa St, Olympia St/Pde/Drive, Oranmore St, Osman St, Oswald Park, Owenvale Mews, O’Neill St.

P Pandora St, Penwick St, Pembrooke St,Percy Place/St, Peters Hill, Plevna Park, Pollard Close/St, Prince Andrew Gardens/Park.

QQuadrant Place, Queen Street.

R –  Railway St, Renfrew Walk, Richview St, Riverside Square/Way, Rockdale St,  Rock Grove, Rockland St, Rockmore Road, Rockmount St, Rockview St (Lower), Rockville St,  Roden Pass/St/Way Square, Rodney Drive/Parade, Roseland Place, Rosevelt Rise/Square, Ross Court/Road/Rise/St, Ross Mill Ave/St, Roumania Rise,Runnymede Drive/Pde, Rowland Way, Royal Avenue, Rydalmere St.

S Sackville St, Sandy Row, Samuel St, Schomburg Drive/St, Selby Court/Walk, Scott St, Servia St, Sevastapol St, Shaftesbury Square, Shankill Road (from above Lawnbrook Ave), Shannis Court, Shiels St, Sliabh Dubh Glen/Lane/Manor/Path/View/Walk, Soudan St, Spiers Place, Smithfield Square North, Sorella St, Spinner Sqr, Springdale Gardens, Springfield Ave/Close/Cres/Court/Drive/Heights/  Meadows/Parade/Park/Road, Springhill Ave/Close/ Cres/Drive/Gdns/Green/Heights/Rise,

Springmadden Court, Springview St/Walk,St Andres Sq Nrth, St Galls Avenue,St George Gdns, St Gerards Manor, St. Geon Street, St James Ave/Cres/Drive/Gdns/Pde/Park/Place/Rd, St Katherines Rd,  St. Lukes Close/Walk, St Marys Gdns, St Peters Court/Close/Place/Square North, Stanley Court/St,St Stephens Court,  Sturgeon St, Sugarfield St, Sultan Square/Way, Symons St.

T –  Tavanagh St,Teutonic Gardens, Thames Court/St, Theodore St, Third St,Tierney Gardens,Thalia St,Townsend Street, Tralee Street, Turin Street, Tyne Street.

U Ulsterville Ave/Drive/Gdns/Place, Utility St/Walk.

V –  Valleyside St, Vara Drive, Verefoster Walk, Violet St.

WWaterford Gardens/St/Way, Watermouth Cres, Waterville St, Watson St, Wauchope Court, Wellington Place, Wellwood St, Wesley St/Court,West Circular Cres, Westhill Way, Westrock Cres/Court/Drive/Gdns/Green/Grove/Pde/Place/Square, Westview Pass, Wigton St, Wilson St, Wilton St/Gdns/Court/Mews, Winetavern St, Whitecliff Cres/Drive/Parade, Whiterock Crescent/Drive/Gdns/Pde,Rd,  Woodvale Ave/Pass/Place/Rd/St, Workmans Avenue.

The membership application form is a PDF document and Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to the view it. Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free by clicking on the Get Acrobat Reader icon.

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