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21 August 2017

Easy Share Account & Engage Pre-Paid Debit Card

Providing Financial Services to our local community for 50years

A number of our members have contacted us recently following a letter they have received from the DFC (Department of Communities).  The letter states that currently any person receiving benefits or tax credits are expected to use a bank or credit union account to receive their payments.  We would like to inform you of the services we now provide and ask you to consider us as an alternative to your post office account.

Keep it local!

We wanted to let know Clonard Credit Union can offer you the following services;

Easy Share Account

An instant access account with no loan attached.  Dividend is paid annually on your Easy Share and Regular Share balance.


             3 Branches open 6 days a week for your convenience

Engage Card

A pre-paid debit card at a cost of £2.00 per month giving you access to your funds 24 hours a day using any ATM cash Machine.  The engage card has the benefit of offering cash back deals for purchases from a number of high street stores e.g.  Asda, Homebase, Subway, Iceland, Argos etC.

If you are an existing member please ask for an Easy Share application, were you provide your membership number, your name and your signature and we will open your Easy Share account. Yes, it’s as simple as that to set up an Easy Share Account.  

If you are a new member you will need to call into any of our branches at 62 Clonard Gardens, Twin Spires or 681 Springfield Road and speak with a member of staff who will be happy to help you.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact any member of staff in the credit union or Telephone 02890 322507. 

Christms Holidays



We will be closing on Thursday 22nd December 2016 and will reopen again on Thursday 5th January 2017.



Last date for unsecured loans is Wednesday 21st December and secured loans is Thursday 22nd December 2017.



We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Annual Donations

Annual Donations


Clonard Credit Union Limited have made the following donations as approved at our AGM.


St Pauls Disability Group
St Vincent De Paul
O'Donavan Rossa GAA Club
Young At Heart Group
Clonard Boxing Club
Followers Of The Cross St Peters
Kashmir Bilbao
The Welcome Organisation
Project Zambia (Mathew Collins)





This is what Dreams are made of

Through our Youth Scheme and the ILCU we held an Art competition with local primary schools on the theme of Dreams Are Made Of This  below is photo of our winners  Daniel James Mallon of Gaelscoil An Lonnain and Grace Conlon of St.Kevins Primary School along with our Youth Officer Jennifer Forde.

We attend local primary schools on Wednesdays to help teach kids the importance of saving and run competitions throughout the year in the primary schools.

Contact you Childrens Primary school to join in on the Kids Saving scheme or contact our Youth Officer on 02890 322507.

Annual General Meeting



Our AGM will be held on Sunday 27th November 2016 At 3.00pm in St Marys Training College.


All members are welcome - please bring your book along to sign in.


Raffle will be drawn and prizes given.


Your Loan Your Way

Clonard Credit Union urges local people to plan and avoid “Financial Difficulties” during and after the Christmas spending season.

With the build up to Christmas already well underway, Clonard Credit Union is inviting local people to consider their budgets now and plan ahead to avoid “financial difficulties” this Christmas.  Research carried out by the Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU) last Christmas showed that in 2015, a consumer in Northern Ireland would take 10 weeks to financially recover after overspending at Christmas.  The research showed consumers in Northern Ireland expected to spend on average £592 on Christmas with middle aged adults likely to borrow money to get through Christmas season, borrowing on average £384.


Ruth Clarke, C.E.O of Clonard Credit Union said: “We are all familiar with that bloated feeling after overdoing it at the Christmas dinner table.  We want to ensure our members do not experience “financial difficulties” well into 2017 by helping them to carefully plan their spending this Christmas.  Our advice is to begin making Christmas preparations a little bit earlier this year.  Setting a Christmas spending budget is more important now than ever, as is writing a list.  This will allow people to keep tight control on the Christmas shopping costs.”


She added “Using high interest rate sources of credit, such as moneylenders or credit cards, can result in people repaying the costs of Christmas long after the Christmas spirit has worn off.  Some careful planning now be it via a savings plan or a low cost credit union loan, can help people to cope with the significant costs associated with the festive period, and ensure that they can get quickly back on track.”


Clonard Credit Union has also outlined their top tips to get people through the Christmas season.

1.       Budget, Budget, Budget

Plan how much you can afford to spend and stick to it.


2.       Make a list

Decide what you’re going to buy in advance.  Decide in the store and you’ll spend more!


3.       Pay with cash where possible.

Avoid credit cards, store cards, payday loans and money lenders – they’ll cost you more.


4.       If you borrow be sensible.

Borrow where the interest is right. Clonard Credit Union is 12.68% per annum.


5.       Compare prices.

Before you buy, compare online and between shops.  You’ll be amazed at the difference.


6.       Check for sales.

Many shops will have sales before Christmas.  Ask around, and maybe you could get those presents for even less.



7.       Christmas Club.

Joining a Christmas club or buying a few savings stamps will help you now – it will also get you into the habit for next year.


8.       Under pressure? Talk to us first.

Suffering from debt stress? Already owe money lenders/payday lenders? Call into Clonard Credit Union to discuss your options in confidence with a member of staff.



For further information please contact Clonard Credit Union by speaking to a staff member by calling into one of our 3 branches, by telephone 02890 322507 or email


Join Us For Our Coffee Morning


Help us support MacMillan Cancer

Whiterock- 10am - 12pm
Twinspires - 10am - 3pm
Clonard Gardens - 2pm - 8pm

All donations are welcome no matter how big or small

Easy Share Accounts

Easy Share Accounts

Need to save.....

  • Easy Share Accounts may be opened by anyone holding a full Clonard Credit Union Share Account and meet the Credit Union requirements in respect of loans. (You should note that if a member closes their main Savings Account they must also close their Easy Share Account).
  • Members have immediate access to Easy Shares with no penalties incurred.
  • The maximum amount that can be saved in an Easy Share Account is £3,000 with a combined savings maximum of £20,000
  • A minimum of £5.00 is needed to keep the Easy Share Account open
  • Easy Share Accounts attract the same benefits as the Adult Savings Account including: Any declared Dividends which are paid annually
  • No money can be lodged into an Easy Share account if the member is (or goes into) arrears of a loan repayment. Loan arrears must be cleared before any further lodgement is made into an Easy Share Account
  • Easy Share Accounts are not taken into consideration when assessing a loan application

Please ask a member of staff for details

Back to school




Many families in Northern Ireland struggle with the significant costs associated with sending their kids back to school. School uniforms, school books, school bags...the list is long, and costly, when it comes to getting your children kitted out for the new school year. And it’s almost that time of year again. So whether it’s uniforms, bags, books or fees, a Back to School loan with Clonard Credit Union can help take the pressure off your purse-strings now, or throughout the school year. We will ensure everything is clear and straightforward, so you can get on with the organising, with the knowledge that you can manage the cost, your way.

Research commissioned by the Irish League of Credit Unions in 2015 highlights just how hard it is for some families to cover all of the costs of getting their children ready for the new school year.

71% of parents believe that covering Back to School costs is a financial burden, and 6 in 10 parents admit that they will have to sacrifice spending on other household items to cover those costs. The research also highlighted that for those who needed to borrow to pay for back to school items, they found themselves in debt for an average of £320.

Families, particularly those with more than one child attending school, can find it extremely difficult to meet the costs that a new school year brings, and keep up with the demands of children who want branded, more expensive items. But before being lured into borrowing from high cost lenders, speak to Clonard Credit Union about loans that are fair and reasonable, and less expensive than those of money-lenders, pay-day firms, credit cards and other financial institutions.


A spokesperson from Clonard Credit Union said: “We are aware how much of a financial burden the cost of sending children back to school is for many families. Here at Clonard Credit Union we want to do all we can to help our members.  We would urge parents to shop around for the best value in back to school items like school books and uniforms and even check online for better value and discount options. We also recommend that you check what you have left over from last year and then make a list of everything you need to buy and stick to that list.”


He continued “At such an important time of year for children, we want to help take the pressure off families who otherwise might rely on high-cost credit, or payday lenders, to get what they need. Our Back to School Loans are designed to suit your needs… how much you borrow, how quickly you pay it back, and how often those repayments are, weekly or monthly, can all be tailored to suit you.”


For more information on Clonard Credit Union, including how to apply for a loan, and how to join, visit our website, or talk to a member of staff today on 02890 322507.

Belfast Welcomes World Council of Credit Union 2016


Our wee country has much to be proud of…in recent weeks, it’s been our people, and sports fans in particular, who have represented Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland with heart, passion and above all, dignity. Social media has been dominated with stories that make me proud to be wearing a green jersey, whether that’s for the GAWA or the BIG.

Why else am I proud? I’m proud of credit unions…granted, we can’t claim to have started them, but we know a great idea when we see it, and the strength of the credit union movement here is testament to that…with almost 1 in 3 adults a member in Northern Ireland, and over £1.3billion in assets, there are 95 credit unions in more than 130 locations, giving families and individuals a safe place to save their money, and access to affordable credit when they need it most.

And, for the first time, Northern Ireland will host the World Council of Credit Unions Conference in Belfast this July, bringing credit unions from all over the world here to share experiences, network and learn about the strength of our credit union movement here. The numbers speak for themselves…those 95 credit unions have between them more than £1.1billion, yes billion, in savings, and over £467million out on loan in the community.

Over 2000 people are expected to see first-hand exactly what Northern Ireland has to offer, and I’m confident we won’t disappoint.


Clonard Credit Union extends a warm welcome to all deligates attending.



Brian McCrory (President Of Irish League Of Credit Unions) and Bruce K. Foulke (CEO OF American Heritage Federal Credit Union) visited Clonard Credit Union while in Belfast for World Council Of  Credit Unions.


Minor savings accounts

  Why not open a savings account and show your children how important saving is from an early age.




Accounts opened for children aged between 0-10 get a free welcome gift.


Accounts opened for children aged between 11-17 get a Free £5 Deposit into there account.





For further details call into any of our branchs and speak with a membership officer or contact us by telephone on 02890 322507.


(Terms and conditions apply)

Planning A Holiday in 2016?




Almost all of us at some stage want (or need!) to get away from it all and go on a holiday break. These days we all have to look very closely at what we are spending money on and holidays come under particular scrutiny. However, that special time away from all the daily routines can be just what you need to recharge the batteries and reduce stress.


No matter why or when you want to take your holiday, Clonard Credit Union should be your first port of call.Clonard Credit Union was established 52 years ago and is here to try and help you make your holiday a reality. If you need a holiday loan your credit union can help you settle on an amount that is realistic for your circumstances and on a realistic term that won’t mean paying off your annual holiday over many years.


The great thing about a holiday loan at Clonard Credit Union is that there are no hidden fees or transaction charges and credit union interest rates are fair and reasonable and are capped by law. Repayments are calculated on your reducing balance, so you pay less interest with each repayment. Your credit union loan is also insured in the event of your death – subject to terms and conditions - at no direct cost to you. Other lenders charge for this. You can pay off your loan early, make additional lump sum repayments or increase your regular repayments all without a penalty.


Don’t forget to talk to your credit union about getting your spending money while you’re there, available to members at great rates. We offer Euros and Dollars as standard, but any other currency can be ordered, making your holiday preparations even simpler.


Speaking about their holiday loans Ruth Clarke Chief Executive of Clonard Credit Union said:

 “The two most important things about a loan are being able to borrow money and pay it back. We always encourage members to manage money carefully by structuring loans around needs and ability to repay. Clonard Credit Union is delighted to speak to you about your needs when you are planning your holiday requirements. We are continuing to look to the future and how we can meet the growing needs and demands of our members. Our Foreign exchange service is just one example of how we aim to do just that. If you are spending your hard earned savings on that once in a lifetime trip to Australia or simply taking a weekend break to Europe, talk to us today about how we can help. For more information on borrowing with Clonard Credit Union, talk to a member of staff or visit our website If you're not already a member, why not pop into us and join us for the many great benefits of credit union membership.”

World Council Of Credit Unions Conference 2016

Belfast Young Savers ready to welcome Credit Unions from across Globe

Theme of People Helping People as relevant today as when first credit union opened

Young Belfast savers joined Cool FM’s Pete Snodden to mark the 100 –day countdown to the WOCCU Conference, where credit union representatives from over 100 countries will travel to the city for a global gathering of the movement, according to the Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU), who will co-host the 4-day event.

President of the ILCU, Brian McCrory of Belfast, says ensuring that a new generation of savers enjoy the benefits of credit union membership is a key focus for July’s event.


Mr McCrory added: 

“The gathering of the World Council of Credit Unions is an opportunity to put our success in the spotlight.

The theme “people Helping People” echoes the very culture of credit unions, whose sole purpose is to provide services to meet their member’s needs.  A year-round programme of events for young people aims to introduce them to credit unions, and actively encourage them to start a savings habit which can be used for further education, a deposit for a first flat or transport expenses in the not too distant future.

Credit Unions in Northern Ireland will be showcasing to the world how our loans are being used to fill oil tanks, meeting school and college costs, providing for major family celebrations, helping with big household purchases and of course assisting those who have suddenly found themselves out of pocket through no fault of their own.


We can be proud that Belfast fought off international competition for the right to host the world conference- it’s not only recognition of the city as an international venue but also a tribute to our members who have through loans released £425m into the local economy with a similar amount available for future support.


The weeks ahead will be exciting ones for our movement and will look forward to ensuring that members of all ages will be able to join us in welcoming the world to Belfast.”


Speaking from Clonard Credit Union in Belfast, Eilish McKenna spoke about the importance of instilling good financial habits at an early age:


“The value of being a member of credit union is well known across Northern Ireland with a third of adults using our community based services, often during periods when there is stress on the household budget such as back to school, Christmas or life changing moments such as a wedding.


However it is vitally important that young people, bombarded day and night with firms offering a quick buck at huge interest, can see the benefits of joining the credit union rather than running the danger of amassing huge interest bills.

Here at Clonard Credit Union, we undertake events year-round working and connecting with young people, to ensure they have opportunity to learn about personal finance, and how credit unions are different.”


For more information on Clonard Credit Union, please contact us on

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